Come and follow Jesus

The Sunday service with its numerous faces can be overwhelming, especially for a new visitor. We know that it’s very difficult to build relationally and get into the word of God deeply in church on a Sunday so we have small groups meeting all across town to enable people to link up with others from church in a relaxed setting. We call our small groups ‘Connect Groups’. We see them as the primary place for life-on-life discipleship. In these groups people learn to follow Jesus, build real friendships and be fishers of men.

Connect Me

We want to help you grow in life and in your walk with God. When you attend one of our services or in the section below, provide the information requested for us to help you find a group to connect with. We will not disclose any of your information to anyone, except your potential Connect group leaders.

Fill out the information at the bottom to connect with a Connect Group today!